News: ESMA Announce New Q&A to Address Lack of Delay in ETD Reporting

15 November 2013 | Bill Hodgson

In the body of a letter from ESMA to the European Commission, the final paragraph makes clear that in the event that the request for a one year delay is indeed rejected, a further Q&A will be published that will be "without consultation" and "unlikely to produce the desirable data quality" to steer the market towards some sort of Feb 12th start date. The letter points out that the delay is intended primarily for data quality reasons, and that without better regulations and guidance, next year is going to be unpredictable in what data is made available to regulators.

Get your business analysts ready for a last ditch Q&A before Christmas maybe?

For the full letter experience, click on over to the ESMA site and download the Letter to Jonathan Faull.


The OTC Space:ESMA Announce New Q&A to Address Lack of Delay in ETD Reporting

This is hilarious! After reading Steven Maijoor's letter I wonder how much guidance can be expected and how much it's worth for market participants.After all, some of the earlier Q&A added to the confusion and consternation of the market.