Event: The Global LEI System: Slow but Sure | Free Webinar

01 August 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Development of the global legal entity identifier system – or GLEIS – took a significant step forward this summer when the Regulatory Oversight Committee published a delayed document specifying the principles and requirements that should be followed by pre-Local Operating Units wanting to take part in the interim GLEIS.

There are gaps in the detail of the ROC document and the Central Operating Unit (COU) of the GLEIS has yet to be established, but is this enough to assure market participants that a coordinated procedure for issuing standards-based LEIs will be forthcoming in a meaningful timeframe?

This webinar will discuss the state of play of the GLEIS, question the criticality of outstanding issues, look forward at ongoing developments and offer practitioners advice on how best to navigate the emerging global system.

Andrew Delaney, President and Editor-in-Chief, A-Team Group

Scott J. Preiss, VP, Chief Operating Officer, CUSIP Global Services

Mark Davies, General Manager and Head, Avox Register here: The Global LEI System: Slow but Sure.