News: Interim Financial Results for LSE / LCH | Cleared Notionals & Revenue

12 July 2013 | Bill Hodgson

A tiny PDF popped out on the LCH website which useful shows the revenue and notionals for the various LCH clearing businesses. The PDF is referred to from here: http://www.lch.co.uk/media_centre/ PDF itself is here: http://www.lch.co.uk/Images/2013_07_12_lseg_announcement_tcm6-63697.pdf


Shows the listed derivs clearing line starting by Q1 2013 to be outstripped by OTC clearing revenue - good news since they'll presumably cede most of that revenue to ICE after the shift of LIFFE to self-clearing at ICE and it will take a lot of time if ever before the listed revenue from NLX will replace it.