News: 13 Days 13 Hours 30 Mins 37 Seconds | Google Reader Dies

17 June 2013 | Bill Hodgson

For those of us that consume website updates using RSS and a reader client, there is only a short space of time before Google rips out the most useful product they offer (apart from search).  I did a quick trawl of alternatives, and options you can consider are:


  End of June is the cut-off, so either choose an alternative, or at least download all your feeds in an OPML file so you can port later.



I've updated the post to add news blur and another one, I'll keep adding as I find them. I really hate the websites that make you setup and configure before you've even discovered all about the service first, or make pricing hard to find.

Flipboard is great for tablet-use - but I have converted to NewsBlur (www.newsblur.com). It comes at a reasonable cost and is really good for keeping pace with the onslaught of new posts. It is similar in handling to Google Reader. Best, Tom.

Hi,For those that only use it on your Mac, I use Readkit (http://readkitapp.com/) that has a built RSS feed and sharing functions to Readability, Pocket and Instapaper (which is useful if you read on iPad). But still no iPhone/iPad app so far...

I'm waiting for the Reeder client to become compatible with Feedly, which should be soon, I don't like the Feedly iPad client personally.

I'm pretty impressed with Feedly so far. It's almost identical to Google Reader in terms of look and feel. It's missing a web interface, but they're working aggressively on it. I agree with you though on the necessity of having to effectively buy before you try.