News: The Impact of the June 10th CFTC Clearing Deadline on Category II Firms

12 June 2013 | Amir Khwaja

Category II firms were required to clear Interest Rate Swaps from June 10th, as this deadline impacted a lot more firms than the prior March 11th deadline, I decided to look at what the DTCC SDR data shows, and whether the expected switch from Un-cleared to Cleared trades really happened and on what scale. For the full article please click here. Amir K.



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Hi John, the SDR gross notional numbers are actually significantly understated because of the capped notional rule for block trades and large trades. In the interim period for USD Swaps >2Y and

Amir, based on the data on your excellent tool, it seems to me that CME may have cleared 54% of the US market on Monday 10th based on USD72bio being cleared per SDR of which USD40bio cleared at CME which effectively only does the US regulatory market. Whilst SwapClear did USD260bio, this includes the non-US market too. Or am I missing something?