News: UniCredit to shun US derivatives trading - FT.com

28 April 2013 | Bill Hodgson

UniCredit, plus DBS in Singapore and Nordea in Sweden have all adopted a "don't trade with the US" approach to Dodd Frank. TJ Lim, Head of Capital Markets at UniCredit announced their strategy at the ISDA AGM last week.

  • Little known fact: TJ Lim used software called "The Blotter" at Merrill Lynch in 1992 onwards, created in part by myself.
  • Other little known fact: One of my nicknames was "Bill the Blotter". One I'd like to not resurrect.

UniCredit to shun US derivatives trading - FT.com.



Reblogged this on Carl A R Weir's Blog and commented: Very interesting. Is,it a total shun, or a partial?

thanks to The OTC Space for bringing this story to my

Hi Bill, thanks for the heads up, I too reposted this on http://singledealerplatforms.org/2013/04/28/unicredit-will-not-trade-otc...

Note: the impact may not be so large as the headlines suggests. These non-CFTC-registered swap dealers can still trade with US banks EU or Asian subsidiaries (but not EU or Asian branches). Even for USD IRS, the US banks fairly often trade through these foreign subs with foreign entities.

Bill, don't let the genie out of the bottle if you not wish so... Bill the Blotter :) Luv it :)

UniCredit to shun US derivatives trading FT.com (theotcspace.com)