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For the many who couldn't attend this years ISDA AGM, below is a round up of the key stories. If any of the attendees have anecdotes, incriminating pictures or gossip, please send it over.

Best quote of the AGM, courtesy of Risk: Athanassios Diplas, a senior adviser to the Isda board said: "If I tell you every time you buy a slice of pizza you have to put down $1,000, you are not going to eat a slice of pizza – you are going to eat something else." [Referring to the margin proposals for uncleared OTC trades.]

Read the articles below then come back and read Craig Pirrong's take on them:

Trade Reporting

  • The current approach *might* lead to fragmentation: Risk Asia Here
  • Two sets of rules (EMIR & Dodd Frank) is a pain says Ollie Stuart: Risk Here


  • It's all the fault of the banks for lobbying regulators that we're in a mess, apparently: Risk Asia Here
  • The extra-territorial issues will slow the world economy, says ISDA Deputy CEO George: Risk Asia Here


  • Default of one bank who is a member of six major CCPs could bankrupt a country: Risk Asia Here
  • Clearing will amplify the impact of the Financial Transaction Tax: Asia Risk Here
  • CCPs are the next "too big to fail": IFR (free)
  • The proposed rules for margining uncleared trades are really bad: IFR (free)



  • ISDA Board Member Election: Here
  • Market Agreed Coupon "MAC" Swaps: Here
  • Buy-side to be "cut off" as May 1st deadline approaches: IFR
  • You need foundations to build a regulatory house: Sapient
  • Systemic Issues in a Future World: Sapient
  • Opening speech and address by Ng Nam Sin of the MAS: MAS
  • Ice Cream or Not Ice Cream: FT coverage

Tweets from Jeremy Grant:

  • ISDA Singapore meeting: SwapClear provided loads of cushions at the event which everyone is stealing. Ian Axe: ok with that?
  • ISDA Singapore: the SwapClear cushions are from Ikea. Nice. Reference to collateral cushion? No? Ok. Just a thought
  • My Singapore cab driver: "Your name, Grant like Hugh Grant, Jeremy like Jeremy Irons?". Up to a point, yes
  • Those of you lining up for coffee 1st day of ISDA S'pore: the gushing paid advertorial in Wall St Jnl has Singapore placed where Jakarta is

The views you didn't see

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