News: Is there a way to avoid regulatory arbitrage?

11 April 2013 | Maria Leontiou

Elisse Walter, Chairman of SEC, (profile here) spoke in Washington D.C, at the American Bar Association Spring Meeting and explained the reason why a middle ground should be sought when it comes to regulation of cross-border OTC derivatives. As she puts it, there is far too much at stake and the regulators of OTC derivatives across the globe working together in good faith and common purpose can bring about a more stable, more transparent, and fairer OTC derivatives market, while preserving its global, dynamic character. Her speech can be found here. Maria L. Bill: The speech shows a more considered and thoughtful approach to solving the regulation of a global market, than the extra-territorial intentions over at the CFTC.



few days ago I did this post on Elisse Walters speech onregulation of cross-border OTC derivatives.On April 18, 2013,

Good news if more.considered than other regulators. To be fair to US regs in particular, their hand was badly dealt when Dodd Frank neglected to define.geographic scope and prompted me to think of the Morrisey song "America is not.the world"