News: KDPW OTC CCP | Membership Update

10 April 2013 | Bill Hodgson

News in from Poland regarding the KDPW CCP for IRS: Current membership:

  • Raiffeisen PL
  • BZ WBK (Santander group)
  • Deutsche Bank PL
  • Millenium Bank (BCP)
  • Pekao SA (Unicredit)
  • ING PL

One of the reasons for recent joiners was a fee holiday which ended on March 31st. There is no news yet on trade volumes, it is believed KDPW are reworking their CCP to achieve EMIR compliance and will push harder for cleared business later in the year. Brought you by Mariusz Więckowski mariusz.wieckowski@areto.pl http://www.areto.pl/index_eng.html

Links (you'll need to quickly learn Polish to read these)