News: Clearstream and Bloomberg partner on tri-party repo processing

22 March 2013 | Maria Leontiou

The new regulatory framework has opened up many new windows of opportunity for market opportunities such as this partnership story. Especially as Collateral Optimization has moved center stage, get yourselves prepared for more such collaborations in the near future..... Maria L.


Jon hi, it seems that this will be the case. Counterparties that participate in a triparty repo transaction will be able to initiate and execute the trade directly from the Bloomberg Professional service, before it is transmitted into Clearstreams Global Liquidity Hub. The trade ticket may then be sent to Clearstream by Bloomberg via an automated SWIFT message, so STP is achieved.

Hey Maria, what's your take on what this basically enables - client triparty repo traded electronically with stp trade flow?Jon

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I've seen Sapients and Arcadia Soft hub tool for Callterilzation and Margin Mgt. good things are happening.