News: SwapClear's Final Settlement Pricing | Mark to CCP?

21 March 2013 | Bill Hodgson

Anyone else looked at the page below? I believe this shows you the closing prices at SwapClear, and hence the first time anyone has put out publicly data which tells you where the market (yield) is in these products. Any firm trading OTC products who isn't a SwapClear member can now compare their own yields with these benchmarks and begin to see where they stand, in winning OTC business. In the words of one well informed Analytics expert, sorry for this, he said "HOLY SHIT!". Maybe not the same reaction for everyone, but it's another first for the OTC market, I think. SwapClear - SwapClear's Final Settlement Pricing.



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daily settlement rates for key interbank/OIS swap rates in seventeen different currencies (see this post). This has been perceived as a significant step towards transparency in the OTC swap markets,

posts by Bill on SwapClear publishing daily settlement prices and then by Ben on Moving on from Libor. Following on from these it is interesting to note that