News: DTCC › Public SDR Now Covers All 5 Asset Classes

06 March 2013 | Bill Hodgson

The DTCC public SDR portal now shows trades from Rates, Credit, Equities, FX and Commodities. Have a look at Fixed-Fixed IR Swaps - can anyone explain what purpose a fix-fix swap serves? Is it like a currency swap without the notional exchanges? You can see trades erupt in real-time here: https://rtdata.dtcc.com/gtr/dashboard.do DTCC › MAJOR DEALERS NOW REPORTING TRADES FOR FIVE MAJOR OTC DERIVATIVES ASSET CLASSES TO DTCC’S SWAPS DATA REPOSITORY.


It can also be about two counterparties exchanging privileged access to rates conditions in their own country, in which case it is a bit more than just a ccy swap, no?

I suppose so but why bother paying the coupons when it all nets down to one single payment?

I fuses because on this case its just the same as borrowing money from the bank, in which case you would pay the interests...no?

I agree, and this is normally executed as a currency swap with exchanges of principal at the beginning and end, so I'm puzzled.