News: State of the ecosystem snapshot

02 April 2012 | Bill Hodgson

Below is an update on the state of CCPs, SEFs and SDRs from public information. The research was carried out by a SK Lim, a consultant from www.jdxconsulting.com for myself. The data were collected at the end of February, only my slowness delayed the publication.

Updates include

  • JSCC, KRX and Shanghai CCP data or plans
  • LSE, HKMA & India SDR plans
  • Generally updated SEF data including State Street SwapEx, but hard to pin down exact scope for most


CCP Snapshot

Purple Triangle means the number is an Open Position, not a Gross Notional.

CCP Notional Change

For amusement, and probably not too meaningly, here's the change in notionals for each CCP. For SwapClear the effect of tear-ups via TriOptima would explain the reduction rather than increase in total notional.

SEF Snapshot

Less easy to gather data, but here's what we can tell about SEF plans:

SDR Snapshot

And finally, the growing list of firms wanting to hold the world's OTC trade data:


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