Article: Uncleared Margin Ask me Anything Webinar Recording With Axiom and CloudMargin

10 March 2017 | Brendan Nelson

Uncleared Margin Regulation

Watch this playback of the March 7th webinar where Axiom and CloudMargin provided answers to the audience and summarised the current state of implementation of the Uncleared Margin Regulations.

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Below are the key timepoints, plus each segment has a countdown clock so you can navigate the video more easily.

  • [00:09] Introductions
  • [01:44] Poll results, what sort of role are each of the attendees?
  • [02:20] Chart showing the current state of the regulations and commentary
  • [04:42] Poll and results on "How has your trading changed since March 1st?"
  • [08:39] Audience question: Has

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