News: Watch the OTC Market in real-time

04 January 2013 | Bill Hodgson

For the first time in recorded history you can now watch OTC trades occur in "real time" via the DTCC Swap Data Repository, based in the US. The website provides anonymised data snapshots of market activity for Credit and Rates trades, plus a "real-time" ticker showing trade events being reported as you watch. I say "real time" as there is a considerable amount of technology and processing going on within each reporting firm, and within DTCC, before the trade events pop onto the screen.  The portal can be reached here: https://rtdata.dtcc.com/gtr/dashboard.do. It appears that the scope of the service is OTC Rates & Credit for now, with other asset classes due to go-live in the near future. DTCC will also operate an SDR in Europe, and are busy establishing their infrastructure in Asia by opening a data centre in Singapore. A chart of global SDR activity as of Nov 27th, plus latest CCP notionals is available via this page. Here's an example snapshot of Rates trades today (click to enlarge) which I've put into a Pivot table:

Example New Trade Activity snapshot


You can read the background on the DTCC press release here: http://www.dtcc.com/news/press/releases/2013/real_time_reporting_live.php


The OTC Space, Watch the OTC Market in Real-TIme, here.

trading activity in the credit index and rates derivatives markets looks like. So, for example,here is a delightful tableof notional amounts traded yesterday across rates products and currencies; the notionals appear to

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see where this data comes from here(real time swaps at DTCC). Preview

Watch the OTC Market in real-time