LCH CDSClear: Full details

15 May 2012 | Bill Hodgson

Full details of the CDSClear service including How it Works, Fees, Rules & Regs etc, are via the link below. CDSClear receives trades from the DTCC TIW, and upon registration, replaces the bilateral 'Gold' TIW record with two new contracts, where LCH.Clearnet are the party to both.

The home page also has a development timeline at the bottom, shown here:

Enhanced Service – May 2012 (now?)

Enhanced default management & legal framework 
Automated risk free compression

Buyside Consultative Committee  - June  2012

Collaborative product design

Intra-day Clearing – June 2012

Augmented collateral management facilities

Client Clearing - November 2012

European & FCM [client clearing] models launched 
Multiple middleware platforms/ APIs 
EMIR & Dodd Frank Act Compliant

Single Names – November 2012

Index constituent clearing launched 
Offsets vs. indices

LCH.Clearnet Group - CDSClear.